De-Elegant Model          Truck Fleet
Master Model Builder Kuenn McClinton
“Rolling legend”

Dave (Beerman) Brewer owns this classic Peterbilt. This 1970 Classic
unit is a little window Pete, and has a 319” wheelbase, Cat engine,
extended tilting hood, it also has a 127 one inch louvers in the side panels. The narrow nose unit has a huge 120” Double Eagle sleeper on
the back with a rear door. Custom boxes and tool compartments, with a
host of other detail items.

The trailer is a 48’ft. Car transport unit with custom belle boxes,
and custom rear lift gate. 8’ 6” spread axles and a host of other
application is on this beauty. This is a classic with out a doubt, and
we have had the honor of doing this truck for Dave. This is truly an
outstanding Rig.

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