De-Elegant Model          Truck Fleet
Master Model Builder Kuenn McClinton
“Hay Check This Out”

Yes, I mean “Hay”, not “hey”. This Hay-Train belongs to Steve
Anchustegui. This long application is a classic with in its self. The
truck is a 1985 Peterbilt 362 Cabover, with a 240” wheelbase, 3406 cat
engine, custom toolboxes, airfoil, single exhaust, and a custom 24’ft.
Hay body on the back of the truck, extending the frame to 80“ overhang
to the truck.

Notice the custom twin tag trailer by Western trailers. The first
trailer is a 32’ft. Unit and the last trailer is a 30’ft. Flatbed
classic application. Custom tie down ropes and chains, custom
graphics, and once the truck passes you on the road you notice what
just happened with the end sign reading “Hay-Train” . . . Mmmm, so
that's what that was!

Thanks Steve for the experience.

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